Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

Important to be Aware

Google Project Zero teams are employed by Google and tasked with finding zero-day vulnerabilities. Around the middle of last year this security team identified two significant issues that they named Meltdown and Spectre.

Essentially Meltdown and Spectre both exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern desktop and mobile processors and allows those with bad intent to get hold of business critical information and passwords being processed in memory by other running programs. Continue reading

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Our Top 10 Articles

Still on our Minds for 2018

Business software has always been complex. Simply put corporates record vast amounts of transactional content in multiple languages and currencies, which are input together with their numerous detailed tags. These transactions are then used across subsequent processes for decision support, control, and management, with further reporting being done across geographies for any additionally required multi-dimensional segments.

It is a daunting task. Throw into the mix multi-vendor software solutions of all ages that operate on a variety of operating systems & databases; combine that with ever changing legislation in your operating jurisdictions, not to mention your current go to market business needs, means that there is never going to be a dull moment. After all what could possibly go wrong? Continue reading

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Software Trends 2018

Ten Areas Empowering Digital Change for Enterprises

Approaching 2018 many corporates are fast realising that their digital initiatives to drive value may not be moving fast enough, nor be deep enough in scope. Corporates see the wow factor of course but some have digitally glazed eyeballs which are so focused on the impact of technology, from front facing customer experience (CX) viewpoints, that their projects do not always contain team members that have followed transaction dependencies all the way through to their back office legacy systems. This as a result has introduced unforeseen process friction, driving corporates away from their original business goals and causing projects to fail or be delayed.

Traditional market players have suddenly been seeing new agile entrants in their market places. Coming in the form of new start-ups or from unlikely new competitors, disruption is coming as they start leveraging these newer technologies to act as new market participants. To in essence act like a traditional software company, but with a very deep domain level of focus. Continue reading

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Driving Towards Software Industrialization

Real Progress Made but Still a Long Journey Ahead

Corporates do not see enough innovation or choice when it comes to core application systems as software houses find it extremely hard to build complete yet agile solutions that will meet their required needs, as well as coping with any underlying rapid technological changes, and this challenge becomes even more complex when you add the international dimensions associated with language, currency, support availability, not to mention local geo centric initiatives.

Corporates today simply do not want costly replacements for all of their systems, but would rather leverage them where appropriate through the utilisation of latest technologies in order to solve their core and fundamental issues, like for example the reduction or removal of process related transactional friction. Not just this, but also to additionally release value creation by solving issues in process flows across sub systems, something that up to now has been hard to achieve with the necessary compliance controls. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation @Anywhere in a Financial or Operational Process Enables Actionable Contextual Information

Taking Small Iterative Steps to Drive Value

Machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), all against the backdrop of digitalisation, are all great leaps forward in the tech world of today, but not leveraging these technologies in 2018 will not put your business behind the digital curve. In fact for most business users today these latest technologies, at least for the immediate future, are not going to be practical nor fully proven.

Basic reality for most businesses sees them struggling with the fundamentals. These mostly relate to existing business processes that still contain a lot of friction, and trying to perform them more efficiently, year in and year out, without increasing headcount. In fact in most businesses the headcount is being driven down annually to extract more productivity value, and simply put your customers will not pay for administrative processes if there is any sight of a similar yet lower cost competitive option available to them. Continue reading

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Incremental Actions to Give You Back Time within Operations and Finance

Some Options to Free Time and Drive Value

FlexSystem provides software that serves 2,000+ privately and publicly owned companies, including 1 in 10 Forbes Global 2000. Software can be deployed on premise, cloud, and hybrid from @anywhere including on Android and iOS devices to leverage the power of the web. Engaging with both operational and finance staff within corporates, and across multiple business sectors, we aim to solve your real business needs and challenges by working proactively as either a Tier 1 vendor, providing the full global needs of an organisation across multiple countries, or as a Tier 2 vendor working with other Tier 1 vendors across more local geographies. With a strong systems integration capability across mobile, cloud and on premise solutions, and with a passion to embrace latest technologies where it makes sense and is practical, we provide solutions that make a difference to our customers.

What follows below are some highlights, for sharing purposes, to indicate at a high level where corporates have been focusing with us in 2017 and where they will continue their focus in 2018. A key point to emphasise is that the examples below can be tackled on an incremental and staged basis using latest technologies that leverage your existing systems and processes as well as potentially adding new ones for value creation ie your system works more for you and not vice versa. Continue reading

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Enterprise Automation of Existing Processes cf Digitisation for Value Creation

Automating the Enterprise to Leverage the Opportunity Cost of Time within Operations and Finance

Fully understanding our operational environment in finance and operations is something that we all strive to do today, but to date for many getting our heads around our businesses is hard to do. How many CFO’s or senior operational persons, as a quick one off now or even with a quick reference point, can rattle off at a holistic level key parameters like the number of employees, customers, suppliers, SKU’s, invoices and free cash flow balances that exist today in their businesses or even more pertinently have a key knowledge understanding point of current operational and compliance issues and risks within each; ranked product sales, impact of delayed hiring’s, rolling inventory supply issues, revenue and costs above agreed run rates or even practical financial & operational insights as to what you are waiting for and from whom; expense reports, subsidiary reporting packs etc all of which create friction and that are all things that need to be tackled as and when they arise rather than at month end. Continue reading

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